30 Mar 2010

Stop the Clock!

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Our school have been working hard to embed Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) into cross-curricular projects so far this year, with the highlights being the organisation of "Stop the Clock" days for our Year 7 students.  We had one last term, where all the Year 7 lessons on a particular day were planned and delivered on the same theme.  Last term's theme was 'Creativity and Critical Thinking' and this term we focussed on 'New Technology and Media'.  My view of PLTS is that there still isn't an awful lot of awareness about them in many schools.  When I have given presentations on using thinking skills in the teaching of MFL, it is quickly made apparent that the implementation of PLTS is still growing.  That said, it was great fun to see the students enjoying the different challenges and the engagement that these sort of day provide for them.  From code-breaking in Maths, to puzzle-solving in a specially created Business/Psychology lesson, and from using internet translators in MFL to the role of technology in Islam, the students have had a real eye-opening day.  

This was augmented still further by the fantastic job done by both staff and PGCE students at lunchtime, in organising a 'Thinking Skills Bazaar' in the Lower School common room, where the pupils had the opportunity to solve puzzles and riddles by visiting the different stalls in the centre.  

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