10 Dec 2011

By the sea at Margate - Kent Transformation Network

Early morning in Margate

It was a privilege to have been asked to present at the Kent Transformation Network on behalf of CILT and the CfBT this last Wednesday in a cold and blustery Margate.  Despite the wind outside, that nearly swept many of us away, the buzz inside the wonderful Turner Contemporary Gallery was really good.  Forty teachers from across Kent attended a number of workshops - my colleague from Suffolk Lara Townsend talked about ideas for providing a motivating and engaging Y9 curriculum. There was Jenny Carpenter, the languages adviser from Barking and Dagenham, presenting a session on how to create more autonomous language learners, Sharon Czudak on alternative forms of accreditation, Pete Spain looked at better use of listening resources in lessons, whilst Irene Wilkie ran a session on grammar, and Sue Short delivered a presentation on 'Developing a desire to read in the foreign language'.  I was asked to provide a run down of useful websites and tools that can spice up MFL lessons.  Trying to get though 30 or so ideas in 45 minutes was always a big ask, but I think I managed to just about pull it off.

Such a wide range of talks meant that there was enough to cater for everyone's interest, and it was great to catch up with some of the #mfltwitterati - the ever-growing band of Modern Language teachers who on twitter - they seem to be everywhere now!

Turner Contemporary
In the current climate where CPD opportunities are under financial pressure, and where schools are more reluctant to let staff have time off school, these sort of events are excellent methods of getting more information, meeting new colleagues and sharing new ideas with like minded people.

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