30 Oct 2009

The A-Z of ICT in MFL - The Language Show 2009

It was an honour to be asked back to the Language Show following on from my presentation last year on Blogs and Wikis. This year, I've gone a bit back to basics and produced a list, with some timely help from Joe Dale, Jose Picardo, Lisa Stevens, Suzi Bewell and a few others from my twitter network, of an A-Z of useful ICT based resources that can be used by teachers of MFL. I hope that you will have heard of a few of them, and that you may have even used some of them. I also hope that there are a few here that you might not have heard of and that you would consider having a go at using. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!


Vicky Prior said...

I attended your presentation at the Language Show today, and just wanted say thank you for so many ideas. I thought I knew about quite a lot of useful ICT based things for MFL teaching, until today, and now I can't wait to develop new ideas to incorporat some of your suggestions into my work. I think one of the best aspects was the amount of websites that could be used for homework which is sueful for those of us who can't often get a computer room.

One more site that I plan on experimenting one, that you may or may not know about but didn't mention today, is http://www.wallwisher.com/ whre you can set a question perhaps in the target language and students write their response by just clicking on the wall and typing.

Thank you again for the inspiration,
Vicky Prior
MFL Teacher
Heston Community School, Hounslow

karina said...
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karina said...

I was at you presentation yesterday at the Language show. It was great!! thank you for all the info. I am very interested in ICT and everything you mentioned seems to be very useful and fun!
looking foward to try everything out with my students.
I really felt inspired wehn I left the room

Anonymous said...

Ich war gestern auch in Ihrem Vortrag und muss sagen, das war eines der interessantessten Seminare, die ich auf der Show jemals erlebt hatte - und ich besuchte die Show schon zum dritten mal. Es war wirklich viel mehr als ich mir davon versprochen habe.
Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Ideen und auch für Ihre Blogadresse, die habe ich gleich zu meinen Favoriten hinzugefügt!

Caroline Grant said...

Hi, AlexSlex

Is there somewhere else we can see your presentation on A-Z of Ict,please, as it's been removed now

PS great blog