11 Mar 2010

Moblogging the modern way

I have been attempting to blog whilst on school trips away for a few years now, with varying levels of success. At first I set up my blog with Blogger, and was able to text blog updates and photos to a number that would do the trick, then I learnt how to email using my phone to update the blog from abroad, which didn't cost all that much, and now that I have swapped my Sony Ericcson for the iPhone, the process has become so much easier.

I bought and downloaded the BlogPress app, which lets me choose any one of my blogs, and add photos, set location, and is the most user friendly app I've come across. Obviously in gaining my iPhone knowledge I've fallen foul of the data roaming charges that O2 stick on us (£3 per MB) but I'm now becoming adept at finding little pockets of free WiFi, a task which is easier to do abroad than in the UK at times.

As well as using our blog - www.northgatemfl.co.uk - for in school activities, I believe that keeping parents and other students updated with what happens on trips and exchanges forms an important way of sharing in the experience. Photos taken and then immediately uploaded, views of students and general updates raise the profile of a foreign visit and can also serve to highlight a trip's importance in extending the curriculum and making it an experience to remember.

Just don't forget about the roaming charges.

Location:Cours Fauriel,St Étienne,France

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