25 Sep 2011

Showing and telling in the north east!

This weekend saw the a very northern show and tell event organised at Cramlington Learning Village in the north east of England - a town even further north than Newcastle.

Organised by Chris Harte, this unconference brought together lots of teachers from not just the north-east, but across the country to share ideas and tips to help in our teaching, and also the pupils experience in learning a language.

The format of the day allowed willing volunteers to step forward for up to 10 minutes to talk about a teaching and learning idea, a resource, or a useful hint or tip. This was the first one I had been to, and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last.

In addition to the quick fire presentations, there were 'Genius Bar' sessions where people could literally pop along and ask questions about a range of tools, teaching ideas, and ICT hints.

There was a good turn out, and I for one felt that I left the day having learned lots of new things, and met lots of new people, who share a passion for teaching languages. In the current climate, with schools having to tighten their budgets, CPD provision has to change to be effective, and events like this, where teachers give up their time for free are outstanding ways of sharing good practice.


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