18 Jun 2009

Using Twitpic and Evernote for Peer Assessment

Wow. It kind of came to me by accident, yet it was just so obvious. My Year 9 class had to create an email for their homework, asking for information from the tourist office. If you're a languages teacher, you know exactly the exercise I'm talking about. Of course not all of the students emailed their work in. For some the internet 'unbelievably failed', others got my email address wrong, and so on and so forth. A couple of students wrote the homework down into their books, and handed that in. Hmm, I thought, that's not really what I was after. But then I had an idea, which seems so obvious, I'm sure that other teachers have done the same. I took a picture of Laura's work (above) with my iPhone, and uploaded it to my Evernote page. I then logged on to Evernote and had Laura's work up on the screen for all to see. I then thought - I've two twitter accounts - @blagona for me, and @northgatemfl for my department. Why not use the my department's twitter account to take pictures of students' work, send them to twitpic, and get students to log on and comment. It's simple! You can keep things anonymous if need be, and for those of us with iPhones, you can instantly take a picture of a student's piece of work and within seconds, with no USB pens or memory cards have the work on display on your interactive whiteboard. It formed a key part of my lesson today, and it only came to me because Laura's computer had crashed at home. There just has to be someone somewhere who has done this already...please get in touch if you have!


Rodney Rumford said...

you should consider www.tweetphoto.com as you can tag images and group the work of student or projects. works with your iphone too.

Marcy Webb said...

Informative post, and creative use of Web 2.0. Thank you for sharing.

sue2276 said...

Hey Mr B only just stumbled across your blog via DomMcs blog. Great idea. I too have taken to photographing work and then uploading to my blog but I tend to email to self. You have given me an idea here. This came about because the pupils had made fab mindmaps on leisure and I couldn't be bothered and didn't have the time to scan all of them in. Cool stuff - will delicious you, good sir :)