30 Dec 2006

Getting Blog Tagged!

Joe Dale blog-tagged me today, I saw it on Ewan's site, and didn't think anything else of it, other than the fact it was quite entertaining. Joe then emails me, and 'tags' me, so I though I'd do it and pass it on.

1. Despite my accent, I am Canadian born and bred, and very proud of that - even to the point of having a flag stitched into my backpack. I was born in Montreal, and grew up in a small ski town called St Sauveur-des-Monts. I went to a French-speaking school, and my first school memory was crying because my teacher wouldn't let me go to the toilet until I had asked to go in French. I am a big hockey fan, and baseball as well. The Montreal Canadiens are my team, and as my dad lives in Toronto, I tend to watch a lot of Blue Jays games. My family emigrated from the Ukraine after the war to Newfoundland, which is where my dad grew up.

2. In case you haven't already worked it out, I play bass in a punk/mod covers band called Teenage Kicks. You can hear our stuff here. The band has been going in various guises for nearly 6 years, and other than sport, it is a massive passion of mine. I own 3 guitars, I used to have a Paul McCartney style Hofner violin bass, but student debts forced a sale!

3. I am addicted to gadgets. It's not a case of what I need, but more a case of what I think I might some day need. I'm into using ICT and blogging at work and stuff, but I think that my colleagues reckon that it just feeds my addiction. My wife even now thinks that she married a geek.

4. My dad is Nick Blagona. He is quite a well known music engineer/producer over in Canada. His website is http://www.nickblagona.com/. When I was last over there, I got to meet the guys from Alexisonfire who were recording in the studio. My dad has worked with quite few famous people - he even managed to wangle backstage all-access passes to a Deep Purple gig last year.

5. My first job was at the McDonalds restaurant in Lincoln. I ended up spending 6 years on and off working slaving under the golden arches. I have two massive scars on my elbow from dropping hot chip baskets on myself. I was earmarked to join their graduate trainee scheme, but then I went away to Ireland for 3 weeks, having had my request for holiday turned down, and was promptly fired on my return - not that I ever intended to work there again anyway.


Joe Dale said...

Great post Alex. Thanks for playing along. I don't think you've told me you were born in Canada. I remember being in Montreal when the "Canadiens" won the Stanley Cup. A night to remember.

Best wishes


P.S Look forward to reading your new blog.

DMS_COMM said...

Ahh. St. Saveur. Me too, not living there but in Montreal for about 12 years on and off. I cannot ask to go to the bathroom in French anymore, never could I just go. J'e m'excuse, la toilet? lol. I met your Dad a couple weeks ago, funny, very cool and such a wealth of experience. I actually have taken over working on the nickblagona.com domain and saw your trackback to this post as the very first thing. We'll relaunch it in a few weeks. Something a little more deserving for his public show and tell. Have a great day and see you around.