3 Oct 2011

ILILC2 - Preparing for the learners of the future!

Still filled with the great buzz that was last week's MFL Show and Tell at Cramlington Learning Village, it's already time to start thinking about another big languages event, taking place in Southampton in the New Year (25-26 February to be precise). Organised by Languages South East, ILILC aims to bring together modern languages teachers from across the UK and give them the opportunity to learn, share, get to know other MFL teachers, sample new resources, and get hands on training on the latest technological advances that can enhance pupils learning experience. The first get together (I won't use the word conference - it certainly felt a lot more informal and sociable than that!) was last February, and that event saw the University of Southampton full of delegates who were keen to develop. Technology in MFL seems to polarise opinion at present, where many colleagues' fear of Web 2.0, and a reluctance to break beyond the confines of PowerPoint are leading to many teachers reverting to 'old school' resource building and preparation. Contrast that with the next generation of teacher coming in the profession, who are already blogging, have a full presence on social media platforms, and for whom Web 2.0 is now the norm. This event promises to offer something new for teachers at all levels, from the seasoned pro to the technofool, and again, unlike other events, delegates will be able to participate fully in the sessions, ask lots of questions, and in many cases get to actually have a go (and a play) with much of what comes their way.

So as opportunities like this don't come around to often, I suggest you check out the website and book yourself a place!

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