5 Apr 2009

Using Wikis in MFL to promote collaboration and motivation

As promised, here is my presentation from Language World 2009. I'm sorry about not managing to get all my slides covered before the end of the slot, but the entire slideshow is available here for you to have a look at. If you wish to get in touch, please do so - you can find me on twitter - @blagona.


froggieflo said...

really interesting presentation. thank you heaps for sharing.
I created a wiki last year ( or the year before maybe!!!) for kids to go online when they need to catch up on some work (they missed school for any reason or they simply need more time to reflect on their learning) or for the kids who are curious and want see what is coming this year or next year. I put there resources that I have found on the net or created myself. I am so happy when kids tell me they use it at night, epecially students with learning diffuculties. and as you said it is easy to use!!!

Isabelle Jones said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I am trying to embed Wikis in our Faculty but I find that despite my suggestions, staff still hesitant about using them. Hopefully this will help convince them that is really is easy and not really time-consuming at all!


sinikka said...

Hi there, I accidentally stumbled across your blog and got interested. I am a teacher of English and French in Finland and I, too, have tried to use wikis and some other social media (Ning) in some of my courses.

The French classes we currently teach in Finland are very small and we are actually struggling to attract students to choose French (most of them think English is more than enough to survive anywhere in the world!). My French wiki is mainly a resource, tightly following the course book series we are using, where I add links to extra online French material (blogs, articles, videos, exercises etc.) and also to have a continuously updated course plan in case students are absent and need to check what's been covered in class.

After having a look at your wiki I started thinking of maybe trying to have students add some content, too. I saw you had created a separate page for each student. I was wondering if you might have the time to share any good tips how these work best?

I am so happy I found your blog - I will certainly keep reading. best wishes from the north of Europe,

José Picardo said...

I've just created a wiki for our department, ready for when I take cover next year.

I may have some questions fro you Blags!

Thanks for this preso. It's very, very helpful.